For sheet-fed printing press. FUNZTIC specially designed for wide range of high quality multi-colored labels and stickers. Complies with US FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesive) for food packaging and food processing as well as ECC 88/378/EEC, CEN EN71, PART 3 for safety of toys.


  • All Conventional Printing Process
  • Ultra-Removable Adhesive (FT61)
  • Compliant with ECC 88/378/EEC, CEN EN71, Part 3 (FT60)
  • Compliant with US FDA Indirect Food Contact (21 CFR 175.105)
  • Service Temperature (-20 to 80°C)
  • Clean Removability up to 2 Years on UV varnished surface
  • Meets EN71 European Toy Safety Regulation Compliance
ITEMSTypical Values    Technical Datasheet
Physical Characteristics Performance Characteristics
FUNZTICFacestock Liner Initial Tack on Glass (FINAT FTM9)Adhesion to Stainless Steel (FINAT FTM2) Total Product Caliper (ISO 534)
Caliper (ISO 534)Caliper (ISO 534)
Bright Gold Foil 71/FT60W/C2S9072 µm82 µm4.5 N/25mm2.3 N/25mm (20mins)167 µm
Gloss Art90/FT60W/C2S9072 µm82 µm2.0 N/25mm1.2 N/25mm (20mins)162 µm
Gloss Art90/FT61W/C2S9072 µm82 µm1.2 N/25mm1.0 N/25mm (20 mins)163 µm
Gloss Art150/FT60W/C2S90110 µm82 µm2.0 N/25mm1.5 N/25mm (20 mins)200 µm
Gloss Art150/FT61L/WK120118 µm113 µm2.3 N/25mm2.0 N/25mm (20 mins)240 µm
Gloss Art150/FT61W/C2S90110 µm82 µm2.3N/25mm2.0 N/25mm (20 mins)201 µm
Matte Art90/FT60W/C2S9082 µm82 µm4.5 N/25mm2.0 N/25mm (20 mins)177 µm
Super Vellum70/FT62W/C2S9088 µm82 µm2.0 N/25mm1.5 N/25mm (20 mins)178 µm
Super White Gloss/FT60L/WK8088 µm80 µm2.0 N/25mm1.5 N/25mm (20 mins)171 µm
Super White Gloss/FT61N/WG6288 µm54µm1.2 N/25mm1.0 N/25mm (20 mins)146 µm
SWG80/FT60W/C2S9088 µm82 µm2.0 N/25mm1.5 N/25mm (20 mins)173 µm
SWG80/FT62W/C2S9088 µm82 µm1.0 N/25mm1.5 N/25mm (20 mins)183 µm

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