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All you need to know about PSA labelstock constructions

All you need to know about PSA labelstock constructions

14 Oct 2021
  • Topcoat on facestock is extremely important for some printing technologies to achieve better ink anchorage.

  • The choice of Facestock depends on the requirements of the application as well as costing consideration. It is also a useful tool to bring out your brand’s image.

  • We choose facestocks with Primer mainly for our removable adhesive products construction.

  • The Adhesive is what bonds your label to your article’s surface. Yenom’s expertise in pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) can bring you a rich selection of permanent, removable & repositionable adhesives. Our adhesive platform includes emulsion acrylic, hotmelt rubber & hotmelt UV acrylic.

  • The function of Release is to prevent the label adhesive from permanently sticking to the liner, allowing easy peel-off. The majority of our liners are with silicone release, but we do carry silicone-free liners for hard disk manufacturing.

  • Release Liners are the carrier of the labels. They protect the adhesive and facestock during transportation, storage, converting, printing, etc.

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