Articles from October 2021

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Beer & Beverage - Specialty Labels
  • Suitable for high converting speed.
  • Good flexibility to adapt to curved surface bottle.
  • Using permanent adhesive with good tack, adhere to various substrates firmly.
  • Adhesive is special designed to comply to US FDA CFR 175.105 (Adhesive) for indirect food contact.
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Blockout - Specialty Labels
  • A quick way to do re-labelling. Use of black adhesive to cover the old text underneath.
  • Cost saving by recycle use of the packaging Pair use with strong adhesion adhesive to avoid disclosure of redundant info.
  • The adhesive also exhibits good initial tack so that the labels can adhere to various substrate firmly.
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Car Key Composite Tagstock - Specialty Labels
  • Economic solution for auto dealership to organize the cars systematically.
  • Designed in way where the tag is self protecting; the transparent BOPP layer can be folded over to seal the card as a protection against smudge, water and so on.
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Car Window - Specialty Labels
  • Special application developed to resale car industry.
  • Hundreds of cars parked together in one place for customer viewing, a big label with basic info pasting on car window makes it easy for customers to spot their preferred vehicles.
  • It also can be an eye-catching advertising tool.
  • Special removable adhesive that guarantee clean removal from car window shields.
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Card Lamination - Specialty Labels
  • Served as a protection layer for paper based printed material.
  • Used of durable PET facestock which is water proof, oil & grease proof, and good resistance to chemical, alcohol and tear.
  • Used of high transparency PET facestock so that the printed images underneath can still be seen clearly after lamination.
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